Nailah Blackman in Sydney Flashback 2018

So we don’t forget! For the record! Lol, for props?! Hmmm….

Nah for the love of Soca (Sokah)! 


I (DJ Fasmwa) was fortunate enough to be involved with helping get Nailah Blackman to Sydney, Australia. A first for the country and the city. A modern Soca artist, that is so amazing.  

The back story, Nailah was dropping hit after hit, with her modern touch and old soul feeling. That is a recipe for greatness! It’s safe to say musically she was in the zone! 

Nailah’s music was contagious we couldn’t get enough of her sound here (at least my crew), It was taking the world of Soca by storm. We knew she is destined for greatness and we wanted a piece of that in Australia. So, we believe in the genre we believed in the artist and we made it happen. 

Nailah Blackman is fun, full of energy she has a passion for life and dance, Nailah is a very down to earth person, these are my observations from our brief interactions. I am looking forward to seeing what else she is going to do in the future.

I would say don’t be late join the soca movement, it’s coming!

Here is a list of song you must listen too: 

Sokah |  More Sokah | Sweet And Loco | Games | Iron Love | Slow Wine

Supporters: I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for coming out and being part of the vibez! Thanks for supporting Soca music! Thanks for supporting Nailah Blackman. In addition thanks to  Prescription Night ClubFree It Up Dance, CaribOz and Caribbean Sydney.