Soca and Dancehall Music Must play in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia has been on lock down! As much of the world currently is. I have been doing a weekly radio show for the past 5 years at Bondi Beach Radio Online show. The show is broadcast live from the Bondi Beach Radio studios, but due to the current situation we have had to revert to pre recording shows  to be broadcast via the stations website. Staying safe is more important, so we are grateful that the management team at Bondi Beach Radio has provided us with this option. 

We have been pretty diligent with our show recordings, uploading to different platforms. So we have a pretty lenghty archive of our shows (that is if we don’t forget to press record). Given that this is the case I would like to encourage people to sign up to the websites that support our endeavours like Mixcloud & Soundcloud. These platforms will allow you to stream music for your enjoyment! So please search for the following terms “DJ Fasmwa” and my residency at Prescription Night Club.

Stay safe, I would say to you adhere to what the local authorities advice around the current situation. We so sincerely look forward to seeing everyone in person as soon as is permitted.