Soca Fitness Mix

Start your fitness journey jogging on the spot for 5 mins straight in time with this mix.

What ever your workout regime, this is certified fun. This Soca Mix will make you feel like you are on top of the world! 

It is based on a 150 – 160bpm range which is  beats per minutes so this is great for increasing your heart rate as part of the cardio workout. 

Suggestion to start your workout is to do a 10 minute on the spot jog to this mix,  and then move into your regular workout routine. after one week you will start getting compliments on your work out routine. 

About Soca music  it is a unique music from Trinidad and Tobago – it is now know around the world for being the music of Caribbean Carnivals

Workout Routine: (HOT TIPS) 

10 min intervals: (to the underlying rhythm & beat).  1. Jogging on the spot. 2. Upper body movement. 3. Abdominal movement. 4. breathing regimes to open lungs and develop cardio.  




Bacchanal Army – Skinny Fabulous, Leh Meh Play – Ultimate Rejects, Jumbie Head – Swappi x Ultimate Rejects, No Standing – Preedy x Private Ryan, No Home – Klassik Frescobar, Do’s & Don’ts – Mr. Legz, Doh Tie Me Up – Tall Pree, Baddest Band – Skinny Bantan, Soca Aerobics – Iwer x Pablo, Make It Rain – Motto, Fete Ram – Shal Marshall, Hold On – Skinny Fabulous, Bum Bum Grr – Motto x Marzville, Tun Up – Fay Ann Lyons, Reckless – Skinny Fabulous ft Bunji Garlin, Bumper Murder – Mical Teja, Run Up And Down – Ding Dong x Mr. Killa, Everytime – Machel Montano, Soca Trend – Skinny Fabulous, Break A Branch – Motto x Bunji Garlin, Narp – RDX, Ramp – Kerwin Du Bois x Machel Montano, We Are One – Olatunji x Destra, Bee Sting – Klassik Frescobar, Brace – Machel Montano, Rum Diaries – Machel Montano x Caspa G, Scatter – Darkie x Z Red x Jaiga TC, Iz We – Jaiga x Boyzie, My Team Lit – King James x Int’l Stephen, Ride It – Charly Black, Dem Alone – Problem Child, Black – Master J, Big Long Thing – Mr. Legz, Nasty Up – Problem Child, Throw It Out – Lavaman, Corona – Dynamite, Normal – Wetty Beatz, Rukshun – Lyrikal, How Much Man – Trinidad Ghost, Drunk Again – Skinny Fabulous, Soca Defender – Mr. Killa, Screwdriver – Mr. Killa, Dutty Clean – Nailah Blackman x Destra, Conch Shell- Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano, Iwer George, One Love – Fay Ann Lyons, Proud – Kes x Travis World, Sun Goes Down – Various Artists, Stage Gone Bad – Iwer George x Kes x DJ Jel x Young Rizen Intro, Instanity – Tallpree, Bottles up – Fede, Directive – Bunji Garlin, Angry – Fay Ann Lyons, Shut It Down – Fay Ann Lyons, Not In Dem Pretty Ting – Bunji Garlin, Diagnosis – Runi Jay, Big Way – Olatunji x Ravi B & Slow It Down – GBM Nutron.