Camel Burger Mukbang!

Welcome to my first Mukbang. Glad to have you! I have a guest with me, by Jamie T. from Free it up dance, she has online dance classes available. Today we had some tasty food. I would highly recommend, trying it yourself if you ever find yourself in Sydney. 

So, currently it is Ramadan time, date 2nd of May 2020. Currently we are also in the midst of the pandemic (covid – 19). Setting the stage really. like everyone else we have been inside for a long time, we thought Saturday night let’s get some food, so we did. 

It occurred to me, I had been told about a tasty burger on numerous occasions, my barber highly recommended I try, yes I have built a trust relationship with my barber, after all he cuts my hair. And because I don’t like adding to my bucket list, and I like my bucket very light we decided to take the plunge. Mariner Pizzeria was highly recommended.  

Anyway, long story short we tried the camel burger, I can honestly say, it was delicious. Tasty (well-seasoned patty), the accompanying sauce was also delicious. You know you want to try it. So, if you ever have the chance don’t pass it up. Hope you enjoy the video you watch me eat it for the first time. 

I also used the opportunity to talk about what we have been doing, we haven’t seen anyone since we’ve been back in Sydney.

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